What is Handyma’am?

So glad you asked.
Handyma’am is a one woman (Katie) with several tool bags who can fix, build, install and create.

Just like a handyman, but better.

Handyma’am proudly serves Brooklyn & Manhattan with more boroughs coming soon.

Why Handyma’am?

Because I believe home repairs shouldn’t be complicated. Because sometimes you need more than just a handyman. Because it’s so easy to get overwhelmed when your sink is leaking and your light fixture makes your head hurt and you have no idea where to put your furniture.
Because your home is special and I want you to love it.
…And because I want to meet your dog.

What services does Handyma’am provide?

Carpentry — Like a true NYer you have great natural light, but no closets. Classic. Let’s talk about custom shelving and storage solutions that’ll give that pile of stuff on your floor some structure.

Home repairs — Still concerned about that hole in your wall that your landlord considers normal? I got you. From the kitchen to the bathroom any everywhere in between, I can patch walls, repair baseboards, molding + trim — and even replace tile.

Electrical — Great choice on that new light fixture. Let me come and install that for you. And while I’m there I can mount your new flatscreen and help organize the 7 million cords that it requires.

Painting — Why did your landlord paint your entire apartment light brown? Who knows. But I’m here to help you hit the reset button with a fresh coat of white or a playful accent wall. Maybe even a specialty finish if you’re into that.

Design — You just moved and don’t know where to start. Whether its your first studio apartment (why aren’t there any walls??) or you’re cohabitating and have no idea what to do with all the furniture you both love — I can help. Let’s make sure you’re using your space efficiently but keeping it cute at the same time. I’m really sorry your partner is so attached to that recliner. We’ll make it work.

What services doesn’t Handyma’am provide?

  • Handyma’am does not:

    • Install large appliances

    • Build custom cabinetry

    • Weld

    • Install / replace windows

    • AC / HVAC / Heating repairs

    • Exterior painting

    • Install ceiling fans

    • Repair/install ventilation systems

    • Refinish wood flooring

    • Landscape

    • Provide waste/junk/debris removal services

    • Eat olives. Ever.